Humanity are base on trust & honesty to survive. That’s the universe rules. At Sushi Kitchen™, we practice!

Vegetable Cleaning Process

We wash the vegetables by soaking them in enzyme for 45 min. All vegetables are cleaned thoroughly before cooking.

Reasonable Price
We maintain our pricing affordable for daily meal and strive to keep our food quality finest as possible.

Filtered Water for all Cooking and Drinking

We filter and store our filtered water by using the method of Dr. Masaru Emoto to form the most positive crystal in water. Sushi Kitchen™ aim to serve customer the best, all of our soup, beverage are using the completely positive crystalize filtered water

Fresh Fruits and Vegetable as main cooking ingredients

In sushi kitchen™, we practice plant-based diet. We use himalaya salt and brown sugar as seasoning. No mock meat in our menu. Eat our green veggie sushis, noddles, soups, rice and spagetties.

High Conciousness Vegan Cuisine

Sushi Kitchen™’s high conciousness vegan cuisine can avoid sickness, nourish your body & mind, and give you a vibrant life!

Green Restaurant

Our food menu is designed based on “zero leftover food thrown in dustbin” philosophy.

Order To Cook

We Strongly believe the soonest we take the food after cooking, the better the nutrient is stored.

Comfy Environment

We clean our restaurant with enzyme, and others sanitisers to prevent Covid-19. Just chill and relax!

Our Story

Welcome to

Sushi Kitchen ™

A Place for Us to REWARDS Ourselves.

Sushi Kitchen™ established at  year 2009. We are the 1st plant-based sushi in Malaysia. We used fresh fruits and vegetables as our core ingredients. Sushi Kitchen™ is a place for us to love ourselves, to rewards ourselves. Our food took 10 years to form into perfectly match modern living standard as a daily meal restaurant.

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