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Upcoming Events

We are preparing New Promotions, Activities and projects for improving the Healthy LifeStyle of different Malaysian Communities.


Sushi Kitchen™  services and information.

Monthly promo and more is on your way soon…!

Online Cooking Class

With the epidemic of Covid-19, we have transform our cooking class from restaurant to on air.

A live cooking class with the “how to” eat healthily is coming soon…


Earn Money – DIY Soap Making


Sushi Kitchen™ is a green restaurant. Green meaning we transform vegetable/ fruit skin into enzyme. We transform deep frying oil into washing soap.

Here, we are offering you a way to contribute and earn money the same time.

We will teach you how to transform unusable oil into washing soap – FREE.

In return, we will buy from you the soap.

Our intention is to create a green chain of running a green restaurant as we promised.

Email us if you’re interested for more details. : [email protected]


1 Minute Health Video

VEGAN is a trend. Question, is this a trend for fashion or is this a real healthy diet? Or is an act purely for animal right?

Sushi Kitchen™ would like to tell you, what we believe and how is our concept about VEGAN diet.


We’ve been receiving calls, questions, emails… asking about a Sushi Kitchen™ cookbook.

The taste of Sushi Kitchen™. We will look into it and start right away for you…!


Foundation/ Donation/ Help

We are having a thought, a seed of thinking how we could help better? The society? It would be lovely to hear idea from you who have the same thought too.

Email us for further discussion. : [email protected]


more coming soon…