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因为认可和喜爱 Sushi Kitchen™ 的纯素美食和非常人性化的运营理念,最后勇敢的踏出那一步,自己也经营了一家 Sushi Kitchen™!!


一路上的各种尝试,真切的体会到纯素饮食会带来健康,正面的工作性质会提升一个人的生活品质!在 Sushi Kitchen™,我收获了健康生活,无边的自由,还有内在的快乐。

Ying & Song

Branch Owners, Sushi Kitchen ™ Kota Damansara

Running a restaurant involve many areas of expertise and there are a large amount of situations behind the scenes that will take a lot of time, effort and money to resolve. 

We went through all those experiences and created a system to help you.

In Sushi Kitchen™, we don’t believe we are more special than any other licensing restaurants, even we understand that being under a license means follow some rules & regulations.

But, what we can offer here is more than just a business.

The food that you’re going to sell in Your Own Branch, is the biggest investment you made.

Is something that no money can buy.


What we provide to you?

We provide more than 10 years of experience in restaurant business. We will supply cooking skills training, serving crew training, material and method of doing business.

Training for the Branch owner and Staff

Store design and equipments guidance

Supervision and consultation

Exclusive territory

Opening assistance

Healthy Menu

What do you need to be focus on ?

Look for manpower (a trusted one), operate it daily following the agreement of the rules, policies and procedure.

What else?

Apart from that, a huge additional value you will get from Sushi Kitchen™, is the humanitarian part.

We have a selection of activities which are very good for growing/ learning/sharing with our neighbourhood community, staff and customers.

With Sushi Kitchen ™ license,
you run a business having a healthy diet & a heathy lifestyle.

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